Bodø Municipality

Smart City challenge

Citizen engagement

In order to achieve a community feel and real sense of participation the citizens need to feel welcome and inspired to engage. How to ensure diversity in the citizen participation so that every group of our citizens believe that they have an important role in the city development?

And what types of platforms, arenas etc. can be used for this?

Bodø are going to build a brand new city district from the ground up. This is a fantastic opportunity. It will be one of the biggest regional development projects in Norway’s history. The airport will be moved a kilometre southwest, thus giving Bodø the chance to plan a modern futuristic zone, hand in hand with our local population. 2 600 acres will be set aside for our disposal, the size of 364 football pitches! Building a new airport in Bodø will lead us to building a new modern city, a city that will be a showcase for the entire world to see, and a city created by its own inhabitants.

Smart Bodø focus on change through involvement and participation. Inhabitants must be involved to vizualize the needs and wishes we have for our city, now and for the future.

Involvement creates creativity, commitment and a community feeling.

The future Bodø will be designed in close collaboration with the local residents, businesses, associations and volunteers. It is very important for us that the local population are involved, their needs and wishes will be incorporated into every step of the project. By using the creativity, the engagement and the community spirit of Bodø’s citizens, the project will have public support and legitimacy.

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