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Smart City challenge

Innovation partnerships and digitalization: what can we learn from the challenges, what are the real opportunities?

The City of Stockholm has progressive ongoing work to make the city the smartest city in the world by 2040. Stockholm use digitalization and new technology to simplify and improve the life for residents, visitors, entrepreneurs and businesses, and new smart services are constantly created to make the city make the city more sustainable, innovative and including even better.

Smart cities are often developed through innovation or technological leaps that are born out of development partnerships between cities, industry and universities.

This round table discussion will be about experiences and insights regarding innovation partnerships; what are the opportunities and challenges and how to reach objectives and real results. How do you drive innovation partnerships to deliver results? What challenges and opportunities are there? Which are examples of collaborations where everyone are winners in the long run, and what can we learn from them?

About Digital Demo Stockholm

Stockholm City participates in several innovation partnerships in digitalization including Digital Demo Stockholm (DDS), which aims to find new ways and digital solutions to meet clear societal challenges today and ensure tomorrow’s welfare system for Stockholm citizens. The cooperation includes The City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council, Royal Institute of Technology as well as leading corporations ABB, Ericsson, Scania, Skanska, Telia and Vattenfall. Societal challenges, innovation and sustainability are key concepts in the partnership.

We are looking forward meeting you on 14th November 2018!

Digital demo Stockholm & City of Stockholm
Gunnar Björkman
Innovation Director
City of Stockholm
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