Invest Stockholm

Smart City solution

Stockholm is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and sustainable regions in the world. Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency, supports innovative and booming clusters of ICT, clean tech and food tech. We offer free of charge information, partnerships and access to local financial resources. We connect you to the ecosystem of top-notch companies, universities and research centers.

The Stockholm stand showcases select innovative companies and co-operations that support a massive transformation of urban infrastructure and city districts:

  1. Innovative ways to upgrade new city districts in the project Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0
  2. A selection of innovations for sustainable city, companies Watty, Greater Than, Chromogenics and Charge Amps.
  3. Stockholm Biogas – Sustainable fuels for city transports, world leading expertise
  4. Stockholm District Heating – based on biomass and waste, open to local renewable sources, largest net in Europe.
  5. Stockholm Water – investment in world’s largest membrane water treatment technology
  6. Stockholm Electricity and ICT Urban Arena – test beds for innovation in e-mobility
  7. Cleantech Högdalen – retrofitting of old industrial district by a local green and circular technology cluster
  8. Stockholm Bio Charcoal – turning park waste to fertilizers, a circular economy project
  9. Cultivating City Bazaars – in-door urban farming for sustainable, integrated city districts
City goals / challenges

The City of Stockholm targets a goal of becoming fossil free by 2040 and inflow of 1 Million new inhabitants by 2040. It currently makes a number of significant investments in digitalization of services, integrated infrastructure and sustainable city development. The Invest Stockholm supports international co-operation.

Irena Lundberg
Business Development Manager / Cleantech
Invest Stockholm
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