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Smart City challenge

Smart City Challenge: Open Innovation
Area: Citizen engagement and smart governance

Problem roots: Working within a quadruple-helix model can present challenges to organisation and stakeholder and partner management. Open Urban Innovation requires good co-creation models for public-private-people partnerships, innovation playgrounds that create a tangible impact across the city, and bold municipal vision and leadership to manage these assets in the long-term.

Main obstacles:

How can the municipality better understand private sector, academia and civil society, and engage them as cooperation partners?

How can municipal staff more effectively learn from, and with, private sector, academia and civil society, to transform local knowledge into good societal solutions faster and fore more people?

How to create regulatory sandboxes that will enable and support the demonstration of smart city solutions, and create the necessary changes and flexibility in the system?

How to secure special dispensation from the relevant national/regional/local authorities to implement and trial innovative smart city solutions through a regulatory sandbox?

Consequences of the problem / what will happen when the problem is solved: How can such regulatory sandboxes be planned, designed, implemented, monitored and scaled up in time and space? The potential of addressing such questions could result clear models with distinct methodologies devised for municipalities to define, fund and recreate these ‘sandboxes.’

Øyvind Tanum 
Strategic Advisor
Trondheim Municipality, Executive Office for Finance
(with participating actors from NTNU: Annemie Wyckmans, Arild Smolan)
What is the city looking for?

Examples and experience with integrating “smart”, citizen driven governance models in the overall enterprise planning system.

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