Smart City solution

Sensative offers two product lines for making IoT easy and effective:

Sensative Yggio, Operating System for Smart Cities and buildings 

Yggio empowers cities, property owners, businesses, and citizens, by providing real-time data and events to and from multiple sources and standards, creating the foundation for optimization, sustainable operations, and effective digitalization.

Yggio acts as an operating system for the Smart City or Building, providing standardized access to all the underlying technologies. Like on a computer where any installed application can access and share the memory, hard drive and peripherals, a service can access any IoT device or technology, including legacy systems.

The FIWARE based Yggio has a standardized open API easy to implement in any enterprise IT architecture, providing new IoT capabilities, making IoT ”business-as-usual” and not ”rocket science.”

Sensative sensors – Strips family 

Non-intrusive, no-maintenance sensors with ten years battery lifetime for digitizing states and events in homes, buildings, and cities. To date, the company has sold 85,000 units worldwide, setting a new standard of what to expect from professional sensors in this environment.

The company’s ambition

Today, most IoT systems are complete end-to-end solutions, providing everything from devices to the cloud and the application. This creates a strong vendor lock-in effect and locks in the data. McKinsey estimates that of the total potential economic value the IoT enables, interoperability is required for 40 percent on average and for nearly 60 percent in some settings.

Sensative brings interoperability-as-a-service for any IoT technology, device or vendor, making IoT easy to implement, use and maintain.

Sensative normalises the data and control commands to an easy to use open standard, making models, services, applications, systems and technology neutral. The company’s game changing IoT interoperability platform Yggio allows to integrate any sensor and any IoT or IT technology or supplier. The platform tears down walls and silos providing cities like Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, and property owners like Halmstad Fastighets AB, with the data they need for their digitalisation journey.


Mats Pettersson
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