Stockholm has the world’s largest open fiber network

Smart City solution

Stockholm Royal Seaport – one of the largest urban development projects in Europe

  • Holistic view on sustainable urban development
  • Low energy housing and plus energy housing
  • Free of fossil fuels by 2030

The Grow Smarter project is a collaboration between the cities of Stockholm, Barcelona and Cologne as well as with business and academia, where 12 smart sustainable solutions in energy, mobility and integrated infrastructure are demonstrated.

Digital tools and AI as educational support

Biocarbon – an environmentally smart and climate-positive solution

Wastewater treatment of the future

Energy plus houses

Green Space Index for public places

Smart traffic management

“Smart and connected city” programme:

  • Technical conditions
  • Open and shared data
  • Smart locks in the City of Stockholm
  • Smart and connected lighting
  • Smart traffic control

The City of Stockholm collaborates with other public enterprises, the business community and various universities. Some of these collaborations are:


Urban ICT Arena,

Digital Demo Stockholm,

MIT Senseable Lab,

City challenges

Stockholm is growing faster than ever before. Around the city, this is noticeable in new housing and the expansion of the public transport system. More schools, preschools, sports facilities and pedestrian and cycle paths are also being built and the infrastructure for water, sewerage, electricity and digital communication is being expanded, while the life in the city should function as usual.

At the same time, the City’s activities, for example within education, culture and child care, and care of the elderly and vulnerable groups, need to be developed so that they function as the city continues to grow. An important reason why we do so much right now is that Stockholm has grown by 120,000 citizens since 2010, and the increase continues.

It is a major challenge for the City to meet the residents’ need for good service, a wide range of cultural experiences and sports, housing and high quality public transport. At the same time, we must find sustainable and holistic solutions, from a climate, social and financial perspective, which can be developed within the framework of current legislation and in efficient and scalable ways.

The City needs to take advantage of the opportunities that digitalisation creates and at the same time understand the risks that exist in a highly connected society. We need to ensure that digitalisation is utilised in a way that facilitates everyday life in the city and gives citizens better opportunities to communicate, work and study. If we succeed, we can create sustainable growth, reduce the climate impact and increase the accessibility and opportunities for everyone to participate in and take part in society’s services and services.


Martin Ottosson
Communication Manager Stockholm Royal Seaport
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