Trondheim Municipality

Smart City challenge

Smart City Challenge: Smart governance – new roles for politicians?
Area: Citizen engagement and smart governance

Problem roots: In Trondheim smart means emphasis on new ways for citizens to be at the forefront of sustainable development, While this is in line with an overall drive for more involvement, it can also challenge the division of labour between citizens, city officials and politicians. What should this division of labour look like in the future?

Existing solutions: The scope and depth of ongoing experiments with participation, both in Trondheim and elsewhere, are extensive (mini publics, participatory budgeting, crowdsolving, visualization / citizen dashboards etc). Yet, few cities have successfully integrated these experiments in their overall governance model. They very much remain on the fringes of what is mainstream.

Kristian Mjøen
Trondheim Municipality, Executive Office for Organisation
Project Manager
What is the city looking for?

Examples and experience with integrating “smart”, citizen driven governance models in the overall enterprise planning system.

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