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Smart City challenge

Smart City Challenge: Open data – new real new gold?
Area: Open data and business development

Problem roots: Open public data is often being presented as a significant opportunity for businesses to create new services and new channels to devise solutions. This has been referred to as the ‘new gold.’ Many cities around the world are opening up their sources and access to public information, thereby taking initiatives to make their data cross-city compliant. Yet to this day there are not that many examples of cities, or even businesses for that matter, who have established successful businesses or developed business models based on open public data. In most cases, Municipalities end up supporting the business creation via public procurement with varying results. The purchasing of products or solutions created in many cases can be deemed as unsustainable and not good for business.

Main obstacles: How do we evaluate the success rate and longevity of business models based on open data through, separate from their dependency on the public sector? Can we determine criteria for success, or establish indicators for companies to evaluate their market potential?

Consequences of the problem / what will happen when the problem is solved: Strengthen the commercialising of solutions via the establishment of sound companies based on responding to trends assessed through open data. Raise an issue around business vulnerability, and create a situation where companies have the potential for sustainable growth potentially independent of the public sectors. Collect case studies and examples of companies that have succeeded to commercialise based on response to open data.

Ola Eirik Klingen
Trondheim Municipality, Executive Office for Organisation
Portfolio Manager/ ICT Strategy
What is the city looking for?

Create discourse around the topic. Is really open public data the new gold? Why aren’t we seeing multiple cases of businesses in bloom as increasingly more cities open their sources? What has to be done in order to motivate actors towards creating sustainable business on the backbone of mountains of open public data? We wish to collect examples about the stories where solutions or services are created, beyond the municipality as the primary customer.

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