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Citynomadi has four business areas for our concept of the location based data: Cities for smart cities, IoT and tourism – Environment for nature, environment issues and nature tourism – Buildings for IoT and indoor location and Gaming for wellbeing and education.

In Smart City Expo we present four fresh cases: 1. an IoT sensor service for the energy leaks and air quality indoors in Oulu, 2. a real time Business presentation for the brand new Kalasatama area in Helsinki, 3. the integration training route for the immigrants in the area of Northern Carelia in Joensuu, Finland and 4. a rock band fan walk nearby our home town Tampere.

Our concept is a combination of interactivity and information on a map. We have the Nomadi app, its’ white label apps, server side and web site services. We combine the open source and IoT information to enrich the map information and the result is different kind of user cases.

The maps may vary from the nature maps to the city’s web server based maps and to the indoor maps with a clear interface, the default map of ours is Open Street Map.

The company’s ambition

We help our B2B customers to present the information based on any location or position indoors or outdoors. The information has always the indicator of location, and suprisingly often the location is more crucial than expected.

The combination of the open source data, company data and IoT information enriches the map use. The map has several purposes for  a number of user segments. We started with city and nature tourism in 2009 and now we’ll expand the service to a number of use cases and four business segments.

We are looking for business partnership from either local autorities or global companies particularly in IoT and smart city cases.


Merja Taipaleenmäki
CEO & Founder

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