Smart City solution

Indentive provides an end user-focused platform solution, that brings together all elements of a user’s ‘Connected’ device and service world – human, home, cities, – into a single, human-centric, flexible and intuitive interface and experience, stripping away the existing intimidating technological complexity and delivering tangible value to users’ lives.

With a unique focus on UX and Business Logic, Indentive’s Connective platform addresses many of the lingering challenges as articulated by cities, network operators, and end users. Our SaaS based platform provides our customers with an end-to- end solutions, however, it is also well suited as a complementary platform to even bigger core device and connectivity management platforms.

The company’s ambition

With our technology and understanding of IOT we are helping cities with its digital transformation. Our Connective platform can help cities to address challenges like:

  • Visualize city pollution and help citizens to find the healthiest route and optimize its travel times during their active hours.
  • Create systems allowing for safer and more efficient elderly and health care solutions
  • Set up systems optimizing access to car/bike pooling and smart parking.
  • Provide safer environments through access to alarm systems and cameras based on the cities ambition as well as individual needs and requirements.
  • Help create awareness of the positive effects of a sustainable living – reducing and optimizing good energy consumption on an individual as well as city level.
  • Provide its citizens with a common digital communication channel with relevant information

By partnering with Indentive you will get access to dedicated resources and technologies that could enable you to provide your citizens with a safer and even more prosperous environment to live and enjoy life.


Magnus Anseklev
VP Partner Sales

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