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IoT Sweden is a government funded Strategic Innovation Programme focusing on creating sustainable IoT-solutions for solving real-world challenges for the public sector. We fund and support innovation projects that are carried out in collaboration between public and private sector, academia as well as civil society, taking the starting point in the public sector’s needs.

IoT Sweden has 13 ongoing lighthouse projects called IoT Hubs, where municipalities or regions in collaboration with private companies, research institutes and academia work with a specific challenge. The projects run for 2-3 years and each project has a total budget of up to 2.8 MUSD, whereof maximum 50% is funded by the government. Expected results are increased knowledge and experience in designing, developing and implementing IoT-based solutions in public sector, as well as concrete solutions to their specific needs, that can be scaled and shared globally.

IoT Sweden also carry out strategic projects aiming at developing increased knowledge and competence on how IoT-based solutions can create value in public sector, resulting in such as recommendations on IoT-platforms for cities, or state-of-the-art studies, e.g. the Global IoT Map at

Goals / challenges

IoT Sweden’s goal is to create sustainable IoT-based solutions creating value in public sector, and solving global societal challenges. We advocate that this must be carried out in collaboration between public sector, private sector, academia, and the civil society.

Our projects are focusing on different areas such as elderly care, safety and security, education, children’s play, physical health, circular symbiosis, logistics, facility management, accessibility, smart cities, air and water monitoring and sustainability.

IoT Sweden is part of a joint effort between Vinnova (the Swedish innovation agency), the Swedish energy agency and the Swedish research council Formas to finance a total of 17 strategic innovation programmes. The programmes are all in areas of strategic importance to Sweden, and aim to create both preconditions for finding sustainable solutions to global social challenges and to increase Sweden’s competitiveness in the international arena.

The IoT Sweden programme is planned for a period of twelve years during 2014-2026, and is hosted by Uppsala University.


Jin Moen
Programme Director
IoT Sweden

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