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Smart City solution

Nordic Works* (Uusi Kaupunki Kollektiivi Oy) provides Design Sprints as a strategic tool for urban development. The Design Sprint is an award-winning method developed by Nordic Works* architects for rapid, interactive generation of architectural plans and urban designs – and for efficient validation of those ideas. The method has proven successful in exploring development ideas and scenarios prior to commencing the planning of a project.

Citizens are the specialists of their own urban area and we emphasize their involvement in the different stages of urban development in collaboration with the map-tech company Maptionnaire™. We encourage early engagement of all key parties in order to foster discussion and problem-solving in advance, before detailed planning begins. This way we achieve positive synergies and collaboration between different parties.

We apply the most efficient map-technology to gather great ideas, comments and thoughts from the most important urban experts: the local citizens. Maptionnaire™ is used in different phases of the planning process.

We operate internationally with municipalities, companies and communities using architecture, multidisciplinary collaboration, stakeholder workshops, and citizen engagement as tools to create desired and de-risked improvement plans for urban areas. As the challenges faced by different communities are unique, the service portfolio is flexible and adjustable to each project. We typically deliver exploratory studies spanning from 2 days up to 5 weeks, and offer full-scale architectural planning via our Nordic Works* partner offices.

The service packages are offered in both stand alone or integrated solutions.

The company’s ambition

Our prize-winning method is of great value for risk reduction, improved efficiency and the selection of better ideas in urban design, planning and realization.

Our method is inspired by “lean” product development and design thinking methodology. Savvy investors do not invest tens or hundreds of millions in a new product or solution unless it has been developed with and reviewed by key users and decision-makers. The risk for mistakes and delays would be too high. Urban planning is not that different!

We can:
• Crowdsource ideas to create better urban surroundings.
• Reveal development needs in existing plans.
• Gain site-specific knowledge early on.
• Rapidly develop multiple solutions.
• Validate good ideas and dismiss unfortunate ones.
• Use visualizations as communication tools.
• Create enthusiasm and engagement.

When inhabitants feel included and engaged, and they have an opportunity to influence their urban surroundings, cities will be more pleasant, more useful, more sustainable, safer and cleaner.

When key individuals and the public are heard and involved, resistance to change will be lower and urban renewal plans can be realized more efficiently.

Nordic Works* offers the whole package from citizen engagement to urban planning, in collaboration with Maptionnaire™. Find us at the Nordic pavilion!


Miia-Liina Tommila, Project Manager, Partner, Architect SAFA
/ Festa Isufi, Community Engagement Advocate & Inbound Lead

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