Smart City solution

iYggio, pronounced ig-e-o, is a cloud based open IoT platform for smart cities covering everything from buildings, lighting, traffic, public transport, waste management, citizen engagement, safety and security.

It empowers the city and its businesses and citizens, by providing full control over devices, utilities and services, eliminating excessive costs and inefficiencies.

The platform acts as an intermediate layer between services and connected assets, sensors and networks, enabling multiple users and services to use data generated by both shared and private IoT devices.

Sensative also develops practical IoT products and platforms for everyday use, that are stylish and easy for anyone to install. Strips by Sensative is a family of wireless sensors that mounts invisibly that comes with a battery life of up to 10 years. Install and forget, it just continues to work.

The company’s ambition

By true multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity, iYggio resolves problems of today’s singular point-to-point solutions, which result in data silos, vendor lock-in, excessive costs and inefficiencies.

Technology and service partners use the open, secure iYggio platform and service marketplace to rapidly deliver services and applications within facility management, healthcare, home care services, home security, smart city, smart apartments, smart homes and more.


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