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DigitalLead – Denmark’s cluster organization for digital technolo-gies

Denmark’s cluster organization for digital technologies, DigitalLead, is a gathering point for digital innovation – for companies developing digital solutions as well as for other industries and sectors in need of innovative digital solutions. DigitallLead constitutes a unique platform for innovation and growth through the inter-action between business and industry, research and education, public authorities and private citizens.

The company’s ambition

Your portal to the technologies of the future DigitalLead is your access point to the entire eco-system of the technologies of the fu-ture. Our work takes its point of departure in four trail-blazing focus areas:

· Artificial Intelligence

· Internet of Things (IoT)

· Data Science and High Performance Computing

· Cyber security

· In all our activities, we combine technology with a holistic approach to the successful development of innovative digital solutions with a focus on business models and pro-cesses, ethics, UX and design thinking as well as sustainability and the SDGs.

Iben Bondegaard Andersen
Senior Innovation Manager

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