Green and Smart Technology Cluster

Smart City solution

The Green and Smart Technology Cluster is a member organization, that unites smart city and mobility companies, start-ups, universities, NGOs and other industry players under one roof – Future Mobility Latvia.

Our members offer services, technologies, products and R&D related to E-Mobility, hydrogen mobility, smart cities and mobility, and micromobility. We can connect you to our members and other stakehol-ders that operate in these industries in Latvia, providing solutions like turnkey charging infrastructure, wireless charging, electric retrofitting services for buses, agile electric minibus manufacturing, automa-ted and autonomous driving, materials, 5G & smart city solutions, pilot project and collaboration oppor-tunities.

We can bridge opportunities to access new products, services, technologies, joint projects or consorti-ums by offering our long-term industry presence in the green and smart technology sectors, and most of all – the expertise and excellence of our members.

The company’s ambition

We can help companies, service providers or municipalities shift to a more efficient use of smart and green technologies with the help of our members. Starting with R&D in battery, charging, hydrogen, thermal management technologies up to the planning and implementation of turn-key solutions inte-grating electric public transportation tailored to fit passenger flow and necessary charging infrastruc-ture. Our close collaboration of our members: start-up companies, SMEs & industry alongside with uni-versity R&D faculties and municipality test-beds also offer a pristine environment to roll-out pilots, de-velop case studies, test products or apply for joint research projects.

We offer a cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder environment to cater needs from A to Z to accelerate your green and digital transition to smart and green cities and mobility.

Imants Martinsons
Future Mobility vertical manager

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