Smart City solution

MarshallAI reduces emissions and increases traffic safety in smart cities around Europe. Large reductions can be achieved by addition of smart systems with high situational awareness: for example optimizing traffic lighting with dynamic sensory input can save 4% of traffic emissions within cities in comparison to existing technologies.

MarshallAI replicates human sensing by detecting objects and events in real time from live camera feeds and images. This visual sensing enables thorough understanding of the environ-ment and allows development of sophisticated automation and data analysis solutions. The system is camera-agnostic and can be implemented as an analysis layer on top of existing in-frastructure.

Solutions currently in production include but are not limited to dynamic traffic light optimisation, real-time vehicle and pedestrian counting, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) for low-emission-zone enforcement and automatic traffic incident detection including near misses.

The MarshallAI platform offers tools to build military grade machine vision solutions trusted by smart cities and governmental agencies all over the world. The modular platform enables train-ing custom object classes, no-code development of machine vision logic and features, scalable and hardware agnostic deployment options and broad integration possibilities. In practise the robust AI-software can be used with any camera input, run on any computer and feed the data to any external service/API.

The company’s ambition

MarshallAI is a Finnish machine vision company that solves global problems. The world is full of unattended surveillance and traffic cameras in addition to automation systems that lack suffi-cient real time information. We are the analysis layer that glues these layers together.

Smart cities can reduce emissions caused by traffic, make everyday life for citizens more con-venient and increase traffic safety, especially where there is a potential that pedestrians meet vehicles.

Security authorities, law-enforcement and governmental agencies can automate processes re-sulting in increased resource efficiency and an enhanced level of security.


Arttu Laitinen
Head of Smart City

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