Smart City solution

Plantimate has been created to address the challenges of producing food in an efficient, sustainableand easy to implement manner within our built environments .A flat packed, urban agriculture food
growing system designed to operate autonomously or as a larger network.

We design and build food growing systems that put the human at the center of the design process. Wedo this through design solutions that are affordable and easy to assemble and operate.

This is accomplished with flat packed engineering, 3d printing, hydroponics and renewable energies. In addition, we provide site analysis, training and education opportunities to provide a holistic approach to the food value chain. Our key driving force and motivation is socioeconomic and environmentalsustainability.

We collaborate within the fields of i) European based community empowerment ii) Partnerships to support humanitarian relief in the Global South iii) Global Agri-tech product development.

The company’s ambition

Plantimate addresses the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic sustainability by lowering the barrier to entry for locally produced fresh food. Plantimate combines affordability, rapid
construction and multiple growing cycles by streamlining processes in 3D printing, hydroponics, modularisation and renewable energy.

On the individual level we believe it can promote the mental and physical health benefits associated
with exposure to plant and food growth.On the societal level we believe it can address several of the
nutritional and environmental challenges facing today’s societies and cities.

By combining flat packed engineering, 3D printing, hydroponics and renewable energy we reduce the
economic and ecological cost of vertical farm growing in cities. This addresses environmental and economic sustainability. At the same time, by providing training, education and employment opportunities
and utilsing otherwise under used urban spaces we increase the benefit to society and the end users.
This addresses social sustainability.

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