Smart City solution

Rolan Oy is the leading service provider for Smart Mobility in Finland. Rolan offers professional operations, main-tenance and support for modern mobility solutions, maximizing the service level for the citizens.

Rolan services include operations and maintenance services for car sharing, bike sharing and e-scooter fleets and smart city infrastructure solutions, supported with call center services and project management services to dep-loy turn-key mobility. Today Rolan service network covers 25+ cities across Finland.

The company’s ambition

New smart mobility solutions have a need for a local operating platform, which is capable integrate the system with the local ecosystem and conduct system deployment, daily operations, maintenance, and system support throughout the lifecycle of a system in a cost-efficient, reliable and professional manner.

For successful adaptation and true impact on transportation, cities, and societies, the new mobility solutions re-quire effective operations and integrated ecosystems. The ambition of Rolan is to be the superior platform of mo-bility service in Northern Europe.

We provide unique benefits for all stakeholders of new mobility system and innovations: For muncipalities Rolan provides cost-efficient local operations and shared solutions for city traffic.

For innovators, technology developers and asset owners Rolan offers a platform of professional deployment, ope-rations, user support, maintenance and repair, turning an innovation to a functioning shared mobility solution, available for citizens.

End users benefit from Rolan platform services through high availability of mobility solutions, and through reliable and convenient daily use, every day, 24/7/365.

Aki Laiho

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