Smart Waste Management

Smart City solution

Smart Waste Management – a collaboration between four companies:
Jacobsson Group AB, Bintel AB, BM System AB and Swedlock AB

Within the framework of Smart Waste Management, we integrate systems to create smart functions
where digital keys are connected with route optimization and sensor / app-controlled on-demand solutions.

Our systems handle, synchronize and process data for a better everyday life, where efficiency and sustainability control resources. The focus is on experience, service and environmental benefits in collaboration with residents / customers.

The Smart Waste Management collaboration is the key to seamless data transfer where data-driven
waste management is really made possible.

The company’s ambition

Smart Waste Management strives to create a world where ecology and economy goes hand in hand, which is the only way to achieve sustainability. We provide high-tech, high impact solutions for the waste management industry.

The waste management industry faces several challenges ahead. Bigger cities mean more people with varying prerequisites and requirements. This puts bigger pressure on waste management companies, who also have to juggle personnel, fleet and time.

Our solution has given proven results in reducing CO2-emissions by up to 50% due to higher logistical efficiency, while also providing a better end user experience and a fast return on investment.

The close collaboration between our companies allows a seamless integration between our products and services. We use open API: s and common architecture, which means that our solution integrates
with any platform.


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