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Traq is a consent management platform for correct handling under the privacy regulations (GDPR).

Many struggle to keep track of withdrawn consents, and unknowingly still use personal data they are not al-lowed to process. In additon: when consent is legal basis for processing, it must be documented. Properly.

Traq enables businesses to have full control over who and what consents apply to your organization and provides the records and documentation needed.

Traq helps both public and private sector with consents, to end users and for internal use (HR).

Traq helps you keep traq and build trust

The company’s ambition

Traq is a white label SaaS service that collects consent, consent declaration changes, withdrawal or revocation from web forms/apps, and manages the consent according to relevant standards throughout its whole life cycle.

Traq smoothly integrates through API/widgets and provides the records and documentation needed based on standards of record management.

• Examples of areas Traq work with consent:

• Consent for data sharing with other companies / organizations

• Biometrics

• Data monitoring / profile

• Gaming industry

• eCommerce and subscription based business models

• Loyalty programs

• «Once only» – public sector

• HR (internal use)

• Consent within IOT and smartcities Traq is a Norwegian company that reach out looking for customers and partners across the world.


Per Olav Nyborg

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