Smart City solution

VEFRESH (est.2019) is a non-profit organization established by local IT and tech companies to foster the smart city innovation ecosystem in Riga, Latvia. VEFRESH advocates for open innovation among companies in the Baltics as well as on the international stage.

VEFRESH district has the largest concentration of IT talent and has one of Latvia’s first operational 5G base stations and open IoT testing station.

VEFRESH helps the Riga City council to operate the first urban mobility testbed facilitating the development and the deployment of smart urban mobility solutions. VEFRESH actively promotes a sustainable environment, convenient, accessible public transport, and smart mobility solutions to improve the city’s quality.

The company’s ambition

Most innovations in the cities come from the private sector. If you are a start-up or a company – smart city projects are hard to implement. It takes 12 -18 months to get the paperwork done to pilot and test your product or service in a real environment. No one has so much time to burn on paperwork; thus, new and promising start-ups die even without showcasing their product to the public.

We have created the first smart city testbed to decrease the time for companies and start-ups to enter the market. You can test, pilot, and calibrate your product before launching it in regional or global markets. We have started to build a fast-track, red carpet between the start-up community and the public sector, ensuring we don’t compromise on security and safety demands while getting ahead quicker.


Viesturs Celmiņš
Managing director

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