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Shaping the future: Science and art together with technology and business

Aalto University, Finland, creates conditions for innovations, sustainable economic growth, employment and wellbeing. We are building competitive edge by combining knowledge from different disciplines to identify and solve complex challenges, and to educate future visionaries and experts.

Living+ Platform initiates and coordinates multi- and interdisciplinary research and teaching in the area of human-centred living environments. In the Aalto University’s strategy 2016-2020 human-centred living environments is one of three multidisciplinary themes addressing major global and national challenges forming Aalto’s academic core.

Smart city – a co-created human-centered living environment

Our smart city solutions emphasize the processes of producing the city. Planning and designing the smart city is a collaborative effort based on advanced technology support combined with continuous communication across disciplines and multiple stakeholders.

Research on smart urban planning at Aalto University has a 10-year background. To name a few examples, in the OPUS project (2006-2009) urban planning was approached as a learning-based knowledge creation process. In the EUE project (2013-2015) ”smart city urban planning” was introduced and digitally supported face-to-face collaboration was piloted. Most recently, in the Urbs-data project (2016-2018) digital tools and new ways of collaboration were developed further and the planning support system (PSS) was studied. Common to all of these research projects is that they have been tightly coupled with real-life urban planning pilots and were developed in close collaboration between municipalities and private companies.


Aija Staffans
Senior Research Fellow
Aalto University
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