City of Espoo

Smart City solution

The City of Espoo is the main partner in the Six-City Strategy project Low-Carbon Transport in Mobility Hubs where the participating organisations develop their transport systems to become more carbon efficient in cooperation with local business communities by means of research, development, and experimentation. Mobility hubs, which are characterized by large numbers of regular people flows and strong public transit, act as the platform for the development studies. The main objective of the project is to increase commercial business opportunities in the following thematic areas: new mobility services and trip-connection development, parking system improvement, automatic people-movers, and autonomous buses, as well as electric bicycle-and-pedestrian mobility. In the project, private companies will be able to test and find new business models for low-carbon mobility, which can be later productised and scaled into the national intelligent transport system. The project acts as a pilot programme in which knowledge is disclosed to the public to serve the corporate community beyond the project partners. This will increase the productivity of the private and public sector locally and nationwide. The project will provide valuable information on services and business opportunities that reduce car dependency.

City goals / challenges

City of Espoo’s development operations are focused on four programmes, one of which is the Sustainable Espoo. This programme work will support the development and implementation of economically, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable solutions. The climate programme will be updated to match the climate goal of the Espoo story. Development work, trials and cooperation related to the Sustainable Espoo programme are primarily carried out in projects enabled by external funding. The projects help find solutions for making the daily life of Espoo residents easier by enabling, for example, low-carbon mobility, clean energy, circular economy and tackling future challenges of a smart city. The goal is to find local solutions for solving global challenges. Target benefits of the Sustainable Espoo development programme for the years 2017–2021 were as follows:

  1. We will build and develop Espoo using smart solutions.
  2. The transport of Espoo residents will become more streamlined and diversified.
  3. Emission-free energy production and smart energy solutions.
  4. Espoo residents will act responsibly.
  5. The nature benefits and recreational opportunities of the local environment will increase.

Tuomas Kiuru - Project Manager
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