City of Stockholm

Smart City solution

Collaboration and dialogue between the city and the academia, businesses and citizens.

  • Europe’s first Climate City Contract
  • The Stockholm Climate Pact
  • Stockholm Senseable Lab
  • Discussions, dialogue, and citizen panels
  • Digital futures
  • Participatory process for creative studio


Stockholm is a live testbed for scalable solutions

  • More energy efficient schools using AI
  • Stockholm’s future wastewater treatment
  • Mobile unit for smart recycling and reuse
  • Biochar for public plant beds
  • Rapid reading assessment using AI
  • Requirements and systematic evaluation

Three sustainable urban development projects

  • Stockholm Royal Seaport
  • Grow Smarter
  • Green Innovation district
City goals / challenges

Stockholm´s long term goals are to be fossil free and climate positive by 2040.

For the city to reach its goals while staying attractive, connected and green, we need to work together. The City of Stockholm collaborates with other cities, businesses, academia and our citizens to future proof the city using innovative thinking and smart solutions. To succeed, we are inclusive and accessible. All to make sure Stockholm is growing sustainably.

In a growing city like Stockholm, more people, vehicles and functions need to coexist on a smaller area. In the City of Stockholm, we refurbish old buildings, build new energy efficient houses, try out new sustainable transports and use digital solutions to reduce environmental impact.

We work to meet the needs of an expanding city while planning sustainably for future generations.


Martin Ottosson - Communication manager
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