Demola Global

Smart City solution

Demola is a concrete tool for strengthening the vitality of business ecosystems for cities and regional governments. Through Demola development programmes, regional companies have a unique possibility to build their foresight capabilities by solving future challenges together with the next generations.

Demola is an award-winning international innovation challenge platform operating in 17 countries. At Demola’s core is a new university business collaboration model, challenge-based approach, and facilitation of the development process. With Demola, a team of university students and organization’s experts work together to solve future challenges.

The real problem is the lack of future foresight culture and knowledge about it in SMEs. There is a need  to create a culture where companies start to think about what the world will look like in the future.

Demola helps regional governments to create vibrant and innovative environment for SMEs. It is about understanding the effects of big phenomena, megatrends, and silent signals on today’s and the future’s business strategy decision.

Demola has the capability to operate large-scale strategic future work programmes reaching universities, companies and students worldwide. Demola programmes are an effective way to build growth and strengthen international connectivity in regional ecosystems.


Ville Kairamo
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