Smart City solution

We support our customers through digital disruption so that they can focus on their core business and shine at what they do best. Together with our customers, we create digital society vision that can be achieved.

We help our customers to establish and improve the core capabilities of the digital society. If you are just starting to face a significant change, then we can help you, e.g., evaluate the maturity level of your digital transformation, create a citizen centric vision for the digital society and identify the main capabilities needed for the vision.

We are experienced in connecting previously siloed systems together and build multi-faceted services that add value and efficiency for the users. We understand the requirements of data structure, exchange and integrity. For instance, we have a vast experience on open source data exchange platform X-Road on all its layers. Our approach is tried and tested in Estonia and Finland, both nations now running their national services on top of X-Road. The similar approach and technologies scale well to the national, regional or organisational level.

We help our customers face the challenges and opportunities of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence. Lately we have been part of several activities related to ethical use of data. Eg we have helped to empower individuals and organizations through programs like AuroraAI and MyData plus. Aurora AI chatbot aims to give tailored advice to each citizen of Finland. MyData plus gives citizens a control over one’s data.

The company’s ambition

We build human-centric digital society!

Our expertise in service design, latest technologies and a vast range of comprehensive services, from planning and development to deployment and maintenance, will be at your use. Our approach covers comprehensive service design, enterprise architecture, and system design and development including data analytics to provide fluent and secure services for the citizens, authorities and organisations.

Our approach has been proven for example in the areas of nationwide governmental and regional services, traffic management, employment services, health and well-being etc. We drive for transparent and inclusive digital society. Our objective and ambition is to create a positive impact on everything we do!


Harri Mansikkamäki
Head of International Business Development
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