Opening of the Nordic Pavilion

Theme: Climate Neutrality in the Nordics+
Nordic+ Ambassadors to Spain

Climate Neutrality in the Nordics+

Moderator: Fedra Vanhuyse, Finance and procurement strategist, Viable Cities 
Lisa Olsson, Head of Innovation and Transformation, Helsingborg City 
Jānis Ikaunieks, Director, Riga Energy Agency 
Inger Hanne Vikshåland, Head of Stavanger Smart City, Stavanger City 
Kari Kankaala, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tampere City 
Lisa Enarsson, Project Leader, Stockholm City

VEFRESH: Innovation Ecosystem Developers

Viesturs Celmiņš, Managing Director

Digital Enablers or Disablers for Smart Cities

Facilitator: Dr. Sami Kazi, Research Team Leader of Smart Cities and Intelligent Buildings, VTT
David Lidström, Head of Commercial, Univrses 
Harri Mansikkamaki, Head of International Business Development, Gofore 
Mika Rantakokko, Liaison Manager 6G Flagship Program, University of Oulu 
Andréas Hall, Development engineer, City of Helsingborg


LMT presentation “Red Light Enforcement”

Aigars Runčis, Head of Business Partnerships


Reducing the citizens’ carbon footprint through structural change and personal choices.

Mads Thuv Simonsen, Co-founder, Ducky
Sølve Fauskevåg, VP Business Development, AugmentCity
Werner Olsen, Product Manager, Innocode

Nordic+ cities driving sustainable transition through collaboration

Facilitators: Bjarne Uldal, Chief Innovation Officer, Nordic Edge and Malin Hansen, Senior Advisor, Design and Architecture Norway
Line Gerstrand, Smart City Coordinator, Business and Sustainable Development, City of Aarhus, Denmark
Annija Tropa, Innovation Lead and Project Manager, Vefresh Smart City Living Lab, City of Riga, Latvia
Øyvind Tanum, Head of Smart City, City of Trondheim, Norway
Åsa Bjering, International Relations, H22, City of Helsingborg, Sweden

Smartliving presentation “Smart Metering and LoRaWAN”

Sergey Boytsov, CTO

The Real Transport Demand – How can AI be used to make public transport more attractive and cost effective.

Johan Haveland, CEO, Asistobe
Tom Henriksen, Business Development Manager Norway & Global Partner Lead Data Insight, Telia Company 

Why the Nordics+ is a great place to implement smart city solutions

Facilitator: Emilie Christensen,Project Manager, Nordic Edge 
Markku Niemi, Director Smart City, Tampere City
Anders Sloth Nielsen, Head of Sustainable Cities and Mobility, Copenhagen Capacity
Jonathan Herrlin, Business Developer, Invest in Skåne
Staffan Ingvarsson, CEO, Business Region Stockholm
Jānis Ikaunieks, Director, Riga Energy Agency

Air Quality Forecast: Comprehensive insight for proactive air quality management

Elena Garcia Pallas, Market manager, Vaisala
Ibrahim El Merehbi, Senior Software Developer, Vaisala

Scale-up: Success stories told by Nordic+ companies

Facilitator: Johan Hedengran, Business Development, North Sweden Cleantech 
Fredrik Sahl, CEO, Flow Below
Kristaps Elvis Volks, Business Development, SimpleCharge
Harri Ketamo, Founder & Chairman, Headai
Céline Crévisier, COO at Augment City
Raimonds Jurgelis, CEO SIA Rhino R.

H22 – the Making of a Smarter City Presentation followed by discussion and fika at the Helsingborg stand

Soraya Axelsson, Head of H22 Smart City Expo

Nordic Smart City Network: The advantages of working in cross-country collaborations and the relevance for companies

Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer, Chairman of the board, Nordic Smart City Network
Line Gerstrand, Smart City Coordinator, City of Aarhus

Scaling IoT solutions – Opportunities & Challenges

Facilitator: Olle Bergdahl, Programme Director, IoT Sweden 
Nicolai Slotte, Head of Internationalization, IoT Sweden
Jari Kuusisto, Product Manager, IoT Smart cities, Wapice
Marcus Nordström, CEO, MarshallAI

City of Tampere presentations


Tampere reception


Departure by bus to the Nordic+ Networking Reception


Liepaja – Climate Neutral and Smart City by 2030

Kārlis Beihmanis, Project manager (Climate change and energy efficiency)

Riga Towards Climate Neutrality

Jānis Ikaunieks, Director, Riga Energy Agency

Meet the Nordic+ cities

Bodø, Nordland County, Oulu, Stavanger, Stockholm, Tampere, Trondheim, Helsinborg

Meet the Nordic+ companies

AugmentCity, Asistobe, Vertisà, Gofore, Combify, Creoir, Ducky, Earendel Solar Energy, Edeva,
Flow Below, Geniem, Headai, Innocode, Intelligent Operation, LMT, Most Digital,
Nivel, Rhino R, SimpleCharge, Univrses, Vaisala, Veni, Wapice, Inpipe, Telia Crowd Insight

Speed meetings between Nordic+ cities and companies


Mission Cities Latvia – reception at their stand


Finland & Japan – building wellbeing and human-centric services with data & AI

Moderator: Kristian Valkama, Director of Digital Transformation at Business Tampere

Takehiko Nagumo – Executive Managing Director, Smart City Institute Japan

Outi Valkama – Development programme Manager at the City of Tampere

Anniina Autero – Project Lead at the City of Tampere

New European Bauhaus- Designing a sustainable and inclusive future

Facilitator:Jakob Norman-Hansen, Head of Global Growth, Bloxhub and

Malin Hansen, Senior Advisor, Design and Architecture Norway

Panel: Timo Hintsanen, Director of Urban Planning, City of Turku, Finland

Heather Bergsland, Sustainability Manager, Veni, Norway

Mattias Rundberg, Head of Östra Ramlösa City Development District, City of Helsingborg, Sweden

Kristin Kverneland, Smart City Advisor, City of Stavanger, Norway

Annemie Wyckmans,Director of NTNU, Smart Sustainable Cities, Norway

eMaaS in net postivie cities

Øyvind Tanum, Head of Smart City, City of Trondheim

Tom Jensen, Project Lead Business Development, City of Trondheim

What can we gain when governments publish open data? Lessons from the Nordics

Rim Alexandra Halfya, Co-founder at Combify

Harri Mansikkamäki, Head of International Business Development at Gofore

Divya Baht, Data Governance Lead at City of Helsingborg

Moderated by Björn Hagström, CEO at Hagström Consulting and representative of IoT Sweden's Smart City Lab project

Opening up the city as a test-bed – 2 urban development projects in Helsingborg

Short presentation followed by fika at the Helsingborg stand

Dennis Kerkhof, Project leader of Oceanhamnen

Mattias Rundberg, Project leader of Östra Ramlösa

Presentations and Visits by International Delegations


November 17th

Location: online
Format: A live television broadcast including interviews, 
debates and success stories focusing on urban development, mobility, 
consumption, and services, plus parallel workshops and side events.

November 18th

Location: online
About:Digital sessions & workshops organized by global players 
addressing the challenges cities are facing beyond the pandemic. 
Innovation Norway will co-host two sessions on this day together 
with our Nordic and Baltic partners

Session 2. November 18th

Location: online
About: Cities as Testbeds for Innovation


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