Nordic Edge Expo, Stavanger, Norway

Smart City solution

Nordic Edge Expo is the major Smart City event in the Nordics.
Nordic Edge Expo is one of the Nordics most important arenas for everyone engaged in technological solutions that will make cities and communities smarter & greener.
Nordic Edge Expo offers a comprehensive marketing and communication platform, showcasing solutions for smart cities and communities.

At Nordic Edge Expo you can expect to meet both cities and municipalities looking for smarter answers to the urban challenges they are facing, and the key players aiming to provide such services.
Nordic Edge Expo takes place in Stavanger, the energy capital of Europe, on the west coast of Norway.
At Stavanger Forum, one of the leading conference centres in the Nordics, we have all the facilities needed to accommodate an ever-growing crowd of Smart City enthusiasts from all over the world.

Date: Nordic Edge Expo 2018, September 25-27

City goals / challenges

The smart city work in the Stavanger-region is characterised by:

  • Focus on the citizens’ needs
  • Openness and transparency
  • Sharing of information and data
  • Equality and mutual adjustment
  • Creativity and involvement
  • Testing and innovation

Use of new technology, cooperation between industry and commerce, public actors and academia, as well as citizen involvement are key drivers in the Smart City work.

Nordic Edge Expo is an international three-day conference with a major exhibition showing new technological solutions that will make cities and communities smarter and greener.
The Stavanger region includes 16 municipalities. With a population of more than 330.000 it is the third largest city region in Norway.


Elisabeth Krey Jenssen           
Project & Communications manager
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