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Smart City solution

WE BUILD DENMARK is Denmark’s cluster for the building and construction industry. We are the national meeting place for innovation, digitalisation, and sustainability in the sector.

Digitising the construction industry

With a strong focus on how we can equip our members to a more digitalized future, WE BUILD DENMARK focuses among other things on:

  • How we can go from intelligent to sustainable operations of buildings
  • Testing and demonstration of intelligent outdoor lighting and Smart City solutions
  • A platform for companies and others developing or using IoT-solutions to exchange experiences within user groups.

Europe’s leading Living Lab for intelligent lighting and Smart City-services
Europe’s leading Living Lab for intelligent lighting and Smart City-services, DOLL, is part of WE BUILD DENMARK. Together with 50 companies we test and demonstrate 100 Smart City use cases on a 1:1 scale. DOLL Living Lab is a living test environment spread over 1.5 km2 industrial area with more than 10,000 daily users. The benchmarking opportunity of different technological solutions set up in such a vicinity of each other make the lab unique.

Whether you want to hear more about the latest developments in digitizing urban space at DOLL’s visitor centre in the heart of our Living Lab or represent an organisation interested in learning more about WE BUILD DENMARK, the Danish cluster for building and construction, we are ready to help.

The company’s ambition

WE BUILD DENMARK – the Danish cluster for the building and construction sector!

The global market for sustainable and digital solutions for the building and construction sector is developing faster than ever before. The companies that are at the forefront of this development face a great business potential. It is WE BUILD DENMARK’s mission to help our members reach this potential.

WE BUILD DENMARK is Denmark’s national cluster for the building and construction sector. With more than 300 members we connect companies, knowledge institutions and municipalities. We operate with two main focus areas – sustainability and digitalisation.

WE BUILD DENMARK’s goal is to move an entire industry towards a more sustainable and digital future. We want to reach this goal by going through four steps:

  • More knowledge to the companies
  • Developing the companies’ competencies
  • Increased competences leads to participation in innovation projects. Most likely in collaboration with others.
  • The end result in business solutions and growth

WE BUILD DENMARK is a strong meeting point for everyone in the construction sector who seeks knowledge and collaboration on innovation, the green transition and new technology.


Marianne Meyer Jakobsen
Head of Secretariat
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