Smart City solution

Spottery – a parking app that covers the whole user journey. For end users, it suggests where to find available parking, accepts reservations, navigates to the spot, lets you in through barriers and makes it so payment can happen with ease. Cities can leverage it to.

Rent-a-Park – a peer-to-peer marketplace for parking, and “Airbnb of parking”. With it, one can fully leverage the shared economy in parking. People need parking spaces and cities own various properties that include them: why not rent them out for the night to nearby residents and other drivers? Any one can use it, cities, municipalities, individuals and companies, to either make additional income or find their perfect parking spot.

Magee – An alternative to mobile apps and cash, Magee is a parking payment device that is used inside the car: it is ones own parking meter. For cities, this means an additional electronic way of parking fare collection especially geared to the least tech-savvy, further diminishing the need for ticket machines on the street and cash collection.

The company’s ambition

We spend 20 minutes on average circling around looking for an available parking space, and this is estimated to increase CO2 emissions of the car by 10%. Parking alone accounts for about 30% of the traffic in our cities. Such numbers are even more alarming when we consider that in Europe, there are 3 parking spaces per every 1 passenger car. Where are they? Why aren’t we finding them?

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