DK – Capital Region of Denmark, Greater Copenhagen

Smart City solution

The Capital Region are taking a lead in the digital transformation by establishing a Regional Data Hub in collaboration with public and private partners. The project is an innovation project launched to find out how to use data across municipalities to solve municipal and regional challenges, promote intelligent urban development, increase citizens’ livability and simultaneously create green transition. The project is intended to point out how a regional data hub can be built technically, organizationally and commercially. The project is funded by the Capital Region and Loop City and is being implemented in cooperation with Gate 21 and several partners participating. The innovation part of the project is set to run until the end of 2019.
The Capital Region has taken several steps in the digital transition by launching several digital projects: A project to improve mobile and broadband coverage; A project to establish a digital infrastructure for connecting things in the city furniture; Several projects to promote better use of data in a shared data program; A charter for a Smart Greater Copenhagen – a common vision for the Greater Copenhagen metropolis and a common direction for how data and technology can help us develop the society we want in the future – with less congestion and pollution etc. Specifically, the agreement includes enhanced cooperation to develop and scale solutions to community challenges. The charter has been developed in collaboration between regions, municipalities, knowledge institutions, business, organizations and experts.

City goals / challenges

Traffic congestion, climate change and urbanization give massive challenges that are only being reinforced in the future. There is an urgent need to take action in cooperation with public and private partners to find innovative digital solutions to the challenges that at the same time increases livability by involving the overall regional community to make technology support actual needs and create value for the citizens.


Henrik Aagaard Johanson
Senior Advisor
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