Keywords: mobility solutions, alternative commuting and public transport

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Vantaa challenge

Mo i Rana

Key words: public services development, growing area

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Mo i Rana challenge


Key words: smart bins, waste collection

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Reykjavik challenge

Stockholm 1

Key words: collaboration models, safe digitalization, SMEs and testbeds

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Stockholm challenge

Stockholm 2

Key words: from pilot project to core business in a city

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Stockholm 2 challenge

Stockholm 3

Key words: affordable housing, planning outside the norm

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Stockholm 3 challenge


Key words: shore power supply, port infrastructure, business models

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Narvik challenge


Key words: citizen data platform, citizen engagement

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Helsingborg challenge


Key words: quadruple helix, co-creation of smart cities

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Fredrikstad challenge


Key words: co-creation of sustainability solutions, impact management

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NTNU challenge


Key words: IoT platforms, standardization, smart city services

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Skellefteå challenge


Key words: drones, city infrastructure, business

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Forum Virium Helsinki challenge


Welcome to explore the smart city challenges the Nordic cities have! You can sign up to share your ideas and solutions – or join us to learn about the solutions – at the Nordic Smart City Roundtable on Wednesday 20th at 9.30-12.00. The roundtable is organized just 100 meters away from the smart city expo.


We host two discussion rounds so you have the opportunity to participate to two roundtables.

We send all the participants a confirmation email for participation. Each table can host maximum 10 participants.


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