Smart City challenge

The city as a citizen data platform

The level of success for a smart city of the future will fundamentally depend on the level of involvement and contribution from its citizens. But how can we get the eco-system of citizens and external companies more active? Is open data the solution? How should that be provided? Is there other tools and channels for engagement with the city’s “digital twin”? Minecraft Earth? Crowdsourced 3D objects or IoT data? How do we engage beyond social media? What are your best examples of citizen and company engagement with the city data?

We have made a number of different tests on Facebook, open data, digital interactive city planning maps but struggle to really level it up to create real value and wider engagement. Do we provide our data in a sufficiently easy and engaging way to co-create? What is demanded to have a thriving eco-system om developers using city data? We are looking for key success factors and leading examples of high engagement level. This is the way to create the most innovative and smart city possible.

Existing solutions: Some of the things we already do

  • Free wifi access across the city for citizens
  • Open intranet, i.e. accessible for any citizen to read
  • Provide Open source solutions that we develop, like intranet, guide apps, event databases
  • Open, searchable and downloadable official documents in the running city governance
  • Live video feeds on Facebook from politic decision and debate meetings
  • Interactive planning maps for citizen inputs
  • Open data on a systematic API automized platform
  • Developing 3D/AR maps and gaming experience on the Unity engine for new construction areas
  • Offering a citizen meeting point at the library called “Digidel” for test of services
  • Yearly hackathons
  • Developing a city service layer with service APIs and IoT data
  • Looking at a city standard for common API and data definitions across different actors like real estate, logistics, trade

Not available.

What is the city looking for?

We are looking for the best examples from across the globe of how to involve citizens and companies with digital tools or data. We are looking for learnings of how to succeed, and the effects that it has given, in any area including city data, APIs, open source, circular economy, democracy, crowdsourcing etc. We are looking for the most engaged citizens in the world.

  • Share your example of a citizen engagement involving data or digital tools that really took off
  • What were the key success factors?
  • How do you see the city’s role in this? Where does liability start and stop?
  • Where do we draw the line between what the city does, and what citizens and companies do, to create a thriving city?
  • What is the future for engaging citizens? Even if it doesn’t exist in any scale today.
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