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Smart City solution

Green and liveable cities are smart cities

Across the globe, cities are looking for solutions to combat the negative impacts of increased urbanisation and climate change and as a result to become greener and more liveable. Some of the challenges that cities are facing can be solved by applying technology and data. As a nation known for its multitude of green, liveable cities, Denmark wishes to play an active part in helping to solve global challenges in cities by sharing our experience and solutions with others, thus contributing to the UN SDG #11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Greener, more sustainable and more efficient urban development can be achieved by applying new technologies. Consequently, the global demand for smart city solutions is growing rapidly. This is primarily driven by three global megatrends: urbanisation, green transition and digitisation.

When talking about smart city solutions, it all starts with data. With one of the most digitized public sectors in the world. Denmark has a unique starting point for developing smart solutions to meet the challenges of urbanisation and climate change, such as traffic congestion and flooding of urban areas.

Visitors to Denmark will experience how smart city technologies are being applied in practice. Many Danish municipalities work with national and international businesses to develop and implement smart city solutions in their efforts to create smart, green and liveable cities. Solutions related to waste handling, mobility, water, energy and buildings are some of the many ways in which smart city technologies are being applied to enhance urban environments, from both a sustainability and a liveability perspective. At the same time, Denmark is home to the largest smart city living lab in Europe – the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab (DOLL) – where companies can carry out real-life tests of urban services and showcase their performance.

Denmark has a long tradition for being at the forefront of implementing green solutions and green technologies. New smart city solutions make it possible to create a more sustainable society for the future. Working in public-private partnerships as well as working across sectors and borders is essential to scale the potential of smart city solutions and accelerate the global green transition together.

The company’s ambition

State of Green is your one-point entry to all leading Danish players working to drive the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon, resource-efficient society. We foster relations with international stakeholders interested in discussing their challenges and bring into play relevant Danish competencies and technologies that enable the green transition. Our goal is to support your role in the global green transition in the most optimal way.

Rather than advocating a one-size-fits-all model for the green transition, State of Green wishes to actively help solve global challenges. We seek to stimulate debate, spur partnerships and inspire others through leading by example. Collaboration and dialogue are central elements of the Danish mind-set. We share our own experiences with the transition process, as we believe that by doing so, we all stand to gain. For decades, we have facilitated partnerships and relations across sectors and government levels to achieve sustainable growth.

State of Green is in itself an example of partnership and collaboration. We are a not-for-profit, public-private partnership between the Danish Government and Denmark’s four leading business associations: Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Energy Association, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Wind Denmark. His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, is the patron of State of Green.

Through State of Green, more than 600 Danish businesses, governmental and academic institutions, experts, and researchers are ready to share their experiences with transitioning to a sustainable society, learn from you, and encourage global green action. Whether it be within wind power and other renewables, energy efficiency, water management, waste management, climate adaption or integrated urban solutions, we can connect you with the partners and solutions you need.

In short: If you are looking for inspiration, dialogue or partnership, State of Green welcomes you.


Ulrik Raabjerg Søndergaard
Head of Communications
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