Smart City challenge

How do we get standardized platforms where Smart City services can be spread to multiple cities. As it is now the same services are developed in lots of places, and we don’t get a viable ecosystem of platform  and service providers.

This slows down the development of smart cities, and reduces the opportunities for businesses trying to do business in providing smart city services.

Existing solutions: Our FIWARE based IoT platform could be one part of a solution, see

The City as a platform project is also an initiative to use the same services in multiple cities, see

Leif Häggmark
Project Manager
Luleå university of technology, SSiO-project
What is the city looking for?

We are trying to improve our platform to make it easier to set up and start using.

We are happy to cooperate with others who have similar ideas, in our ongoing project, or in future projects together with partners.

  • Are you developing your own smart services in your city?
  • Did you check if the same services are developed in other places before you started?
  • Did you already think of standardized Smart City platforms that can host many types of services?
  • Did you try to “import” a smart city service developed somewhere else?
  • If so, what problems did you find?
  • Are you interested in cooperating to get a viable ecosystem of service providers, platform providers and so on?
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