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Smart City solution Get a free Nomadi app on your application store by entering through Citynomadi has four business areas for our concept of the location based data: Cities for smart cities, IoT and tourism - Environment for nature, environment issues and nature tourism - Buildings for IoT and indoor location and Gaming for...
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Futures Platform
Smart City solution Do you need to see the trends and disruptions that will shape the cities of the future? Futures Platform™ is a web-based strategic foresight tool that helps you and your team make your plans future proof. Futures Platform's trend radar visualizes which trends and megatrends will shape your city future. You can...
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Smart City solution Mobility as a Service has disrupted the transport industry with innovative ways to obtain, combine and pay for traveling services. New services are in high demand as the world’s population is moving into cities and sustainable mobility services are essential to the functioning of metropolitan areas. PayiQ’s mission is to develop cloud-based...
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Local Arts & Culture Concept
Smart City solution Local Arts & Culture makes local attractions accessible for the public in an exciting way never seen before. The concept grants cyclists, scooter users and pedestrians a pleasant and entertaining way to spend their day, while simultaneously generating local revenue. Users are shown local businesses around their path, thus bringing them more...
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