Smart City solution

AINS (A-Insinöörit Ltd) is a growing international expert in construction management and design. We have vast experience in the successful management and design of demanding large-scale infrastructure and construction projects. We have globally leading expertise in selected fields such as nuclear waste management, new contract forms such as alliance project and the management of life cycle information and BIM. We excel at even the most demanding projects by combining our 50 years of experience with the latest technology and expertise.

The company’s ambition

KOALA – Urban Development Alliance – A new neighborhoods designed and constructed in three years

How is this possible? Motivated by encouraging experiences on alliance project model we work on a pilot in the Urban Capital Area of Helsinki. All stakeholders are involved from the very beginning of the project until it is handed over to the client. In practice this means sharing of risks and rewards. Through environmental certification the neighborhood will maintain its value in the long run. The construction process is faster and LEANER: there is no need to live in the middle of a construction site, the services in the area are available from day one, and the environment is healthier. All stakeholders including residents and service suppliers are involved in the co-operative design process employing state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and Augmented reality technologies. Considerable cost savings and quick return on invest are guaranteed. We strongly believe that the alliance model and the new approach developed by AINS nourishes innovation not only in the planning phase but also in the execution process of a new neighborhoods.

CITYFIER – know where to build in the future

With Cityfier you are able to compare alternative plans for neighborhood and get a forecast of the area’s value development, based on urban research and local pricing information and information on the area. Value can pertain to both qualitative and quantitative indicators, such as safety, environmental friendliness, sustainability or the value of a property.

According to urban research, the most important price factor is the location. Typical components that increase the value of the neighbourhood are, for example, services, traffic solutions and recreational resources. Components that reduce the price are typically noise, industrial nuisance and bad foundation conditions. The biggest challenges to the development of land usage are long development periods and the timing of the value increasing investments.

The client’s own plans can be combined into the tool. Cityfier gives the user the freedom to compare plans, and to visualize, quantify and present the selected indicators to any stakeholder group in an understandable way.


Jukka Kettunen
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