Smart City solution

ApParkingSpot is the AirBnB of parking places. It facilitates the interaction and transactions between parking place owners and renters.

The users create a profile on the app or web and can search directly for vacant parking spots in a geographical area where he/she is planning to travel to. There is possibility to pre-book and pay directly and then be navigated to the spot.

At the same time the solution offers possibility to the owner of the parking spot (private, public) to create a profile and make extra money. They upload relevant information regarding the spot (time vacant, location, cost / day / hour etc). These spots are then visible for all other users looking for parking spots in that area.

The users will not have to search for a parking spot, it saves them time, money and gas, at the same time the owner of the spot will earn money on a spot that would have been empty otherwise.

The company’s ambition

The service vision of ApParkingspot is to redefine mobility through better utilization of the existing spaces in a more efficient way and possibility to prebook parking space and get navigated to it.

ApParkingspot is looking forward to meet:

  • Real estate actors, event organizations, public sector, co-operative building society dwellings and owners of vacant (temporary or permanent) parking spots.
  • Demonstration, pilot and verification projects with relevant actors (private, public) that lead to increased number of users and parking spots owners.
  • Collaboration projects within smart city (e.g. electro-mobility, charging stations, smart city concepts etc.).

Sasa Farkas
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