Bodø Municipality

Smart City solution

The national government in Norway has decided to end the military air activity in Bodø within the next seven to ten years. The runway is from the early 1950ies and has a maximum of ten years left before it has to be replaced by a new runway. This means that it has to be built a new runway in Bodø within 2025. This gives opportunities to think future city development in a completely new perspective.

The national government has given their approval to build a new airport one kilometer to the east of today’s airport. By building a new airport in the area that is today occupied by the military activity gives the city of Bodø around 360 hectare for city development. An area big enough to house 25 000 citizens and gives the city large new business areas.

By moving the airport and building a complete new city in near relation with the historic city center, Bodø also get the opportunity to build a smart city from scratch and for the future. In this work the vision of building the smartest city in the world was born. How does a city look like in 2065? What kind of technology are used in a future city? How is future buildings formed? What kind of energy sources are used in future cities? And all of this in an Arctic environment.

City goals / challenges

Within in the focus area sustainable city development, the city of Bodø has stated their climatic goal: Bodø is an innovative low emission city, where the citizens feel safe for nature related dangers. With this statement, Bodø will play an active role in both reduction of climate gas emission and in adaption to a future climate. Both innovation and development of new technology will be at central element in this work.

Bodø’s main goal is to ensure a great deal of citizens participation and engagement to develop the new future city. For example by using dynamic geospatial software for planning and management of sustainable cities. This will include the citizens in planning and building the new and in improving existing city.

Building a new airport in Bodø will lead us to building a new modern city, a city that will be a showcase for the entire world to see, and a city created by its own inhabitants.

This represents a unique opportunity to establish a laboratory for trying out solutions for the cities of the future.


Marianne Bahr Simonsen
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