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Daylight Indoors with BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting

BrainLit’s light environments with BioCentric Lighting™   bring you daylight indoors. Our natural light environments mimic daylight indoors improving health and performance for both people and animals.

Why daylight indoors?
By spending about 90% of our time indoors, we lack enough exposure to daylight for our circadian rhythm to stay healthy. The impact of the circadian rhythm on humans and animals existence is acknowledged by the Nobel prize 2017 in Physiology or Medicine.

Our light environments are customized to meet the needs of people and businesses

The BioCentric Lighting™ system tracks daylight through the diurnal rhythm, alongside seasonal changes, automatically monitoring variations in light intensity and fluctuations of color-scale. The system automatically alters throughout the day, controlled by our AutoLit-recipes, but can also be easily adjusted using a keypad, display screen or via our app. Installation of the control system, sensors, and luminaires is seamlessly completed and creates minimal disruption to your business.

“Our everyday life will be revolutionized by the possibilities of customizable lighting.” Klas Sjöberg, chief physician, researcher, and chairman of BrainLit’s scientific advisory board.

The company’s ambition

Providing our clients with a cutting edge and high-quality product in creating a light environment with BioCentric Lighting™ improving peoples and animals health and performance.

BrainLit is looking forward meeting:

  • Indoor environment specialists, real estate, municipalities, schools, architects, construction companies, facility management, working environment specialists.
  • Collaboration projects within smart cities development.

Cathrin Frisemo
Marketing and Communications Manager
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