Smart City solution

Capelon has worked with device communications and advanced meter readings for over 20 years and with smart streetlights for over a decade. The base for the connectivity in Capelon’s products has been a reliable and open standard powerline communication.

In 2016, the focus of the Capelon smart streetlight extended to the larger scope of a smart city.

That means two main challenges for Capelon.

– To provide an open central City IoT Platform for various of IoT devices/IoT protocols, local systems and external data sources. To provide a central city data hub allowing the city efficiently share data throughout the city actors along with smart platform services allowing the city itself to become a smart city service enabler.

– To extend Capelon’s vertical within Smart Streetlighting to meet the challenges involved in large roll outs. To provide the technology to even further promote innovative smart city IoT services by providing a common mesh network for IoT devices where the streetlights form the backbone.

Come and see us and we can talk about the openness and interoperability of FIWARE and TALQ2. We can also talk about massive IoT RF mesh from Wirepas allowing the city to build an efficient device infrastructure with city wide coverage.

For more info, check out this video from one of our recent projects in Tampere, Finland.

The company’s ambition

A truly open Smart City IoT platform promoting innovation and engagement. Our City Vison platform can help the city to be an enabler of smart city solutions. It is based on Fiware and promotes interoperability by providing harmonized data models for various application such streetlighting, parking, waste management, environment, air quality and more…

So this will solve the challenge for a city to choose an open and future proof central city IoT platform. There are no lock-ins since it is replaceable, and it promotes portable smart city solutions.

As far as an application we provide smart streetlighting. Except for normal streetlighting features we also provide a solution for the city to use the streetlights as an infrastructure. Our lamp controllers using a unique decentralized RF mesh technology that can be used by other applications and sensor/devices. This mean that the city will get a device network which will further promote and enable smart city solutions.


Liang Liem
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