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Smart City solution

Joensuu wants be a platform and a collaborator for smart and sustainable city development – we aim to be carbon neutral by 2025. We see smart city in a broad perspective and want to show examples of how towns can profit from using the smart city toolbox and to be sustainable as the same time. Collaboration with other towns and cities both in the Nordics and internationally is crucial for us.

Together with the University of Eastern Finland, companies and other stakeholders we have agreed on innovation platform collaboration related to forest bioeconomy and education cluster. Examples of our work are showcased in “Biocities Forum 2018”, which is hosted on 14th November. The event is realised in collaboration with European forest institute and the Smart City Expo World Congress.

We emphasise new solutions in public investments and procurement to facilitate development. In 2018, 20% of procurement has an innovative aspect. In addition, 70% of our purchases in 2017 included green criteria. Joensuu City Challenge was an international innovation competition . We are currently implementing the winning solutions from Copenhagen, Zurich, Barcelona and Joensuu, including technologies such as machine vision, sensor network and open data approch.

Joensuu is a university town and growing regional centre with 76,000 inhabitants. One third of Joensuu’s population is less than 30 years old and every fifth citizen is a student. The core areas of expertise are forest bioeconomy, education and pedagogic knowledge, photonics and ICT.

Smart City Solution

Our key driver is the goal of becoming carbon-neutral in 2025. Climate program guides us into making sustainable choices and using innovative solutions. E.g. two new schools have obtained green financing certificates and we have developed a learning environment which assists in studying carbon footprint at school by using sensors and analysis tools.

We are looking forward to the future as over one billion euro investments are to be realised in the city centre, green industrial park and in public buildings by 2030. We aim to do this smart and look for partners and networks to join us in developing our city. We are also interested to meet partners for future EU projects.

New Symmetric City development is the future heart of living, business, travel and recreation. It is located at the beautiful river bank, in the very centre of the city and connected to the old town with two new bridges. Over 60,000 m2 of diverse construction is foreseen in public and private partnership. Symmetric City offers development opportunities in themes such as smart living, mobility, energy, infrastructure and many more.

GreenPark is a modern industrial park within the city with possibilities of 40,000 m2 extension with smart economy and energy solutions. Located next to railway tracks and a harbour providing access to the Baltic Sea and beyond, GreenPark is currently hosting a large forest machine factory and other metal and wood industry-related companies. We are looking for smart industry solutions to be implemented in the area.

Joensuu education cluster develops in close R&D collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland, other educational institutions and city schools. We want to modernise our learning environments to facilitate the learning for the future. We are looking for partners to help us become a hub for high quality education solutions.


Sami Ruotsalainen
Development Manager

Janna Puumalainen
Director of Strategy
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