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Smart City solution

The city of Turku has a wide range of smart city solutions. With the city’s carbon neutrality target of 2029, a lot of things are being worked on.

With parking we are running open data on the paid parking status on an open-source platform backed by multipurpose IoT-parking meters and open policy mobile parking operators. We are also doing several pilots with machine vision and other smart parking service solutions.

Low carbon solutions also include bike parking analysis by machine vision and other light traffic analyses, smart bike battery charging boxes and parking terminal operated bike parking stand.

There are also multiple pilots aimed at lowering the energy consumption of public buildings. The most promising pilots revolve around targeted green energy renovations to older buildings and the use of timed ventilation and heating, reducing unnecessary energy consumption when the building is not occupied. The city has also partnered with companies who finance their energy solutions with the monetary savings that the said solutions themselves provide. Another promising pilot revolves around timing the heating of a building a few hours before the morning energy consumption spike happens, and the price of energy goes up. Larger and especially more newer buildings can store the pre-loaded energy very efficiently.

Local traffic has open data local bus traffic, real time timetables and bus locations. The city upkeep gets
IoT-data on street weather conditions on critical locations and we have IoT-data on various building upkeep factors. In Spring there is starting a range of MV, radar, weather and street sensor pilots with IoT. IoT data is sent to Azure IoT Hub.

The city has several digital service portals, CovidBot, unified citizen data under construction to name a  few.

City goals / challenges

”Turku is an attractive European city of universities and culture and is boldly renewing itself. Turku is a good place to live and succeed together.”
The city of Turku vision 2029

Turku was in year 2019 number 7 in the Future Today institute’s Smart Cities ranking.  The city aims to succeed in the future with bold, forward looking decision and with partnerships and co-operations with variety of stakeholders. Carbon neutrality by 2029 is one of the main focuses of the city of Turku and to reach it, a substantial focus is needed on mobility and transport actions.

The smart city development is supported by five spearhead projects in the city during years 2022-2025. The spearhead projects focus on the City Centre development, Science park, Know-how, Balanced neighborhoods and Culture.


Risto Peltonen - Mobility service manager
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