Smart City solution

The City of Copenhagen is actively working with smart city solutions to promote a well-functioning sustainable city supporting growth and a high quality of life, based on data and insights.

Facing the concrete challenges of the city and the citizen’s needs, the work is organized into five themes:

People and Flows

Focusing on the movement patterns of citizens and visitors and their use of the city will provide a better basis for both the operation and the development of the city.

Digital Services

Focusing on ensuring that the digital infrastructure is in place and that digital services are available to provide the information when it is needed.

Data-driven Operations

Focusing on setting up digital solutions to support working procedures in the city.

Climate Monitoring

Focusing on gathering knowledge of the environment and climate challenges in order to plan, improve and prioritize projects.

Light and Urban Life

Focusing on utilizing outdoor lighting to make Copenhagen a safer and more secure city.

City goals / challenges

Smart city solutions are vital to reaching our goals.

Join us in our efforts to meet these and other targets:

  • In 2025 Copenhagen will be the first Carbon-neutral capital in the world
  • In 2025 50% of trips to work and study in Copenhagen are by bike
  • In 2025 90 % of Copenhageners find it easy to get around the city
  • In 2025 the risk of flooding is reduced by 30% in Copenhagen, and the climate proofing has benefitted 160.000 Copenhageners
Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer
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