Dimon Systems

Smart City solution

Our patented IoT product – Dimon – monitors, measures and operates Shell protection such as roller shutters, fire curtains, fire shutters, door automation and industrial gates.

Dimon is a smart and future oriented control box that monitors and reports every operating procedure of the shell protection in facilities like Shopping Malls, Industry, Logistic Companies, Retail Companies, Schools and Hospitals.

From our market experience, problems on, for example, a roller shutter or industrial gate can be divided in to three categories – 1. Motor malfunction 2. Handling 3. Vandalism

Dimon detects 90% of these errors and the majorities – 65%- of these issues are related to handling. Instead of relying on one annual maintenance check-up, facility owners now have real-time monitoring of all shutters and industrial doors, and can analyze their status at any time.”

Today’s support solutions take too long and are not efficient or safe.

There are two ways to solve the problem today. They both have a high environmental impact and are not cost efficient.

  1. You have traditional service that is very old fashioned and involve phone calls and sending out a technician – who might not even have the right tools or spare parts with him due to the malfunction.
  2. On-site-detection. It only works on new roller shutters – still involves a phone call and sending out a technician that has to download the information from the motor and then drive back to collect the right tools for service.

It is costly, not Eco friendly and takes a long time before the problem is fixed.

The company’s ambition

DIMON – It is Smart, Economic and an Eco friendly solution for predictive and state based maintenance

With the information we provide you will be in charge of your shell protection. You can do pre-empt service before any problem occur. If problem occurs you will have the data on what the problem was, when it happened and how it happened. We will also provide you with statistics like, operation schedules, open and closed, lock or unlocked, temperature, customer flow data and much more.

We have a simple app that works on any device. Within the app you will have an overview of all your shell protection. You can click on each individual product, have service reports so you can see when service is needed or scheduled. Dimon also gives you F.A.Q and troubleshooting on how to solve some of the problems.

Dimon Systems now helps facility managers to monitor and manage their shutters and doors in real-time. When a malfunction occurs, they are notified directly and can analyze the problem remotely. They can then help onsite staff to resolve the problem with minimal disruption or down-time. And by knowing exactly how often gates are used, facility owners can gain insight into exactly when they need to be replaced – and save millions of kronor and reduce carbon footprint by not prematurely replacing them “just to be safe”.

Dimon Systems is a relative newcomer in the world of facility management, but we are already taking our connected thinking to new areas.


Lukas Arkenstedt
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