Elias Robot

Smart City solution

Elias Robot is an innovative language learning app which fundamentally changes the way of learning speaking skills, by utilizing robots and voice-first devices.


Elias Robot’s voice user interface allows students to learn languages by having conversations with human-like robots and smartphones. Elias Robot has been developed by teachers and the method it uses is based on scientific research. This is a revolutionary and powerful way to learn languages!


When you learn a foreign language, speaking is essential. However, in classrooms, students don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice, and are often set back by the fear of making mistakes. Organizing speaking activities is time-consuming for the teachers, which results in a grammar-based and test-oriented teaching methods.


Elias Robot encourages to use the language without fear of making mistakes and guides the learner step by step towards real life speaking situations. In addition to utilizing ready-made curriculum, users can create their own interactive learning material and share them with each other.


Johanna Hemminki
CEO, Founder
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