Smart City solution

Smart City waste solution

Envac is one of the most innovative players in the global waste collection industry and the inventor of the vacuum waste technology transporting municipal solid waste underground.

Envac provides a 21st century solution to the increasing social, economic and environmental challenges associated with waste. Envac’s latest smart development is showcased in the EU funded project GrowSmarter in Stockholm, see here.

As part of a development’s infrastructure, Envac represents a long-term sustainable investment that is currently used in a wide range of applications, such as large-scale residential and commercial developments, hospitals, airports, industrial kitchens and town centers.

Since the first vacuum waste system was installed in 1961, Envac has developed an international presence with 35 offices in 22 countries.

The company’s ambition
  1. To help cities reduce their waste handling costs and improve their environmental performance.
  2. To provide an easy to use and highly accessible waste disposal solution with optional feedback to users on their recycling performance
  3. To add value to property owners and developers by reducing the surface need and management costs for their waste handling

Mr Joakim Karlsson
CEO & President Envac AB
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