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Smart City solution

With Nordsense sensor-driven waste collection, routes are optimized based on needs and efficiency, reducing unsightly overflow, taxpayer burden, and environmental impact. When bins are emptied on an as-needed basis, cities can reduce the number of trash pickups by as much as 90 percent, which decreases cost and alleviates traffic in already congested areas, all while better servicing residents and the community.

With Nordsense technology, bins are equipped with sensors that give cities a real-time view of receptacle fill levels. Pickup routes can be changed and optimized based on a constant flow of data, allowing drivers to easily change course and ensure that individual garbage bins are emptied at exactly the right time.

Nordsense offers an end-to-end smart waste management solution that can help municipalities, cit-ies, and waste operators embark on a digital transformation, optimize their waste services, and tran-sition to more sustainable waste operations. The Nordsense solution helps you tackle unpredictable and changing waste cycles, by digitalizing the waste collection process and providing data insights on waste behavior.

The solution uses IoT technology to provide real-time data on waste generation patterns, so that waste can be collected efficiently at exactly the right time.

The solution is made up of four parts:

Smart Waste Sensors

Our 16-point 3D optical laser sensors are powered by IoT. Small and discreet, the sensors can be ret-roactively fitted inside waste containers. They capture fill-level, orientation, and temperature data every 15 minutes.

The Nordsense Smart Waste Management Platform

Our digital platform provides a full overview of your containers, enabling you to remotely monitor the fill levels of your bins. Smart sensor data are translated into actionable insights that are accessible on the Nordsense platform. The data provide specific and tailored recommendations on areas of im-provement for waste collection.

The Nordsense Navigator App

Intelligent routing is made simple with the Nordsense Navigator app. Based on a dynamic approach to waste collection, the app provides optimized and cost-efficient collection routes based on real-time fill level data.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking provides a transparent overview of the locations and movements of waste containers, empowering waste authorities to optimize their inventory management and prevent theft.

The company’s ambition

Nordsense is on a mission to redefine the waste management industry with data insights. Our ambition is to provide waste data in real time that enables actionable insights for businesses to excel and cities to thrive. We want to kickstart a smart waste management revolution and make the world’s waste col-lection greener, cleaner, and smarter.

The majority of waste collections happen at the wrong time. Bins are often empty or overflowing upon collection. On one end of the scale, you can wind up wasting time and resources on unnecessary collec-tions and producing avoidable carbon emissions. On the other end, late collections can lead to illegal dumping, unsanitary environments, and additional cleaning costs. Smart waste solutions provide more operational transparency and empower you to collect waste at exactly the right time with a more effi-cient and sustainable waste management system.

A data-driven waste management system can enable your digital transformation and increase the transparency of your waste operations. Our smart waste sensors provide in-depth data and actionable insights to help you:

· Optimize your resources

· Cut down on costs

· Improve your collection routes

· Reduce your carbon footprint

· Increase recycling rates

· Measure the impact of sustainability initiatives

· Create a better working environment for waste collectors


Roar Bolt-Hansen
VP of Sales EMEA
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