FI – Jyväskylä

Smart City solution

Our main urban development platform is Kangas where an old paper mill area will turn into an active urban center and housing area:

  • Cyber secure digital user centered services on the basis of centralized identity and access management
  • Smartness by experience – people involvement into planning and development, percentage culture principle, shared solutions like parking and yards, lifecycle in mind
  • Co-creation with universities and business – target in real big data operation where data is gathered, stored and utilized by vast group of shareholders.

Other important platforms of City of Jyväskylä are Kukkula, Hippos and City Center.

City goals / challenges

Kangas is developed into vibrant living lab and test bed environment where basic structures enable and enhance businesses. In the future Kangas will be a home to 5 000 inhabitants and 2 101 new jobs.

Kangas will realize concrete solutions on top of city development platforms – Target to implement models and practices serving lifecycles instead of disconnected development projects.


Tanja Oksa
+358 50 312 5358

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