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Smart City solution

City of Tampere and its Smart Tampere program brings you Smart Mobility!



At our stand we have three companies from Tampere eager to show you their smart solutions. With Globeon you can test and see how bluetooth beacons work in positioning. For example, you can find any member of our Tampere crew nearby in you mobile phone. (No app needed!)

Infotripla will show you how real time traffic data makes use of cost-effective urban traffic management, and is used to support drivers on their daily trips. One example being Tampere’s brand new under-city tunnel (longest in Finland) really improves the flow of inner-city traffic which should be well maintained.

Citynomadi visualises information and interactivity on maps indoors and outdoors. There will be a demo at the Nordic Pavilion by the IndoorAtlas technology. You can access it by downloading the FREE Nomadi app via Name of the map is ‘Nordic’s Pavilion indoor demo’.



Addition to those, we will tell you how our new tramway we are building in Tampere will transform our mobility ecosystem and how our robot bus testing is going. These, together with our other big development projects, create a perfect and quite unique platform for testing and development. In addition, by April next year we will have 5G readiness, thanks to Elisa company.

The aim is to make Tampere THE smart mobility testing ground in Europe and provide companies new ways to develop their products and business. If this is something your company is interested in, just head our way!

At the stand you will meet the Smart Tampere and Business Tampere crew. Smart Tampere is the strategic program by the City of Tampere in which new smart city solutions are developed in ecosystems. Smart Mobility being one of them. The ecosystems consist of companies, universities, r&d organizations, public entities, citizens, and organizations. Business Tampere is the Tampere Region economic development agency promoting the business opportunities and foreign direct investments in our region.

City goals / challenges

Tampere is growing.

Tampere is located between two lakes and as the most wanted city in Finland it is growing heavily. Still we are, according to Tom Tom Traffic Index, the least congested city in Europe (in comparison to population). And we’d like to keep it that way.

What we need to do better in the future is to provide more fluent public transportation where our new tramway (ready and mobile in 2021), electric bus network and robot buses together with city bikes and walking areas join together in a smart way.

One of the key challenges is how the companies can utilize open data and open APIs that the city provides. What are the right ways to develop data for new solutions and businesses. If you have answers to these challenges, we are listening.

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